The resources on this site will include blog posts related to planning and building sustainable startup businesses and other videos, articles and posts that contribute to overall entrepreneurial success.

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I have had an entrepreneurial spirit all my life, so it’s interesting for me to recognize that my professional roles have always been in an entrepreneurial environment. I currently develop, market, promote and oversee professional development training programs in higher education; however, I am ready to focus my energy on building a successful business or businesses that will be valued in the community and contribute to sustaining nature and the outdoors.

In addition to working in the for profit sector as an executive recruiter and in community outreach roles, I have worked in the nonprofit sector to support public relations and fundraising including grant writing. During the Great Recession, I became a National Strength and Conditioning Certified Personal Trainer, and developed a clientele including holding 3-4 classes a week.

There have been other small business ventures along the way throughout my career, but nothing seemed to materialize into what felt like a legitimate business. After reading the book E-Myth Revisited, I identified with being the technician, manager and entrepreneur as an approach to having my own business, and this just doesn’t work for many different reasons.

Now that my son is grown and has his own interest in management and entrepreneurship, I have decided it’s the right time for me to expand my knowledge and experience as the Entrepreneur. The Master of Entrepreneurship (ME) degree will not only help me to be more effective in my current role in higher education, but this education will provide me with the experience and resources to think more like a “big picture” entrepreneur.

My husband/best friend of 27 years also works for the same higher education institution and is currently enrolled in the Master of Project Management program. The three of us have had many conversations about a family business, which also triggered my interest in getting the ME degree.

My life has included a series of decisions that have led me to where I am today. My choices have evolved over time, including our family decision to relocate to the mountains of Western North Carolina. Writing and entrepreneurial ventures have always excited me more than working for another company; however, I have also enjoyed my experiences working in higher education. My interests include hiking, nature photography, healthy cooking, many forms of fitness, martial arts and herbal gardening. I also love spending time with my family and friends.

It’s taken me a while to be courageous enough to embark on a start-up of my own. Interestingly enough my father’s death in 2015 had a major impact on my vision of my future.

It’s hard for me to think of what I’d consider my strongest qualities but I am always working on trying to maintain a positive attitude, improving on my communication skills, and I would say over the years I have developed a high level of determination.

This blog will be a site for my research, subject matter expert interviews and other information and resources that will highlight by journey to success.

Jill Thompson


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When your in the process of creating a startup company, you begin to realize that even the smallest levels of financial support can help increase your “skin-in-the game” and your success with funding the process. For this reason, I chose to focus on my Direct Response project as a Crowd-Funding campaign. I thought by creating …


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